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VITAL for Children_Nabo Asha

Nabo Asha

The Nabo Asha Project is primarily dedicated to the education of street and slum children by providing them with preparatory schooling prior to mainstreaming them into formal schools. 

Beneficiaries: 100+

We are proud to announce that the Souter Charitable Trust have also awarded us a grant of £6,000 for this project (March 2019)!

Free hot lunches which encourage parents to send their children to school and simultaneously ensure the children gain access to the vital nutritional food they need to grow healthily.

Awareness-building and training of stakeholders on juvenile justice, alongside the creation of a Community Support Group for parents, addressing key issues concerning child health, protection and education.

Special attention to cleanliness, hygiene and manners, so that the children are familiar with societal habits within the community and able to fully integrate within schools.

What we do

We work with our partner NGO The HOPE Foundation to provide:

Choosing the Project

Many children cannot gain access to formal education or feel out of place once they enter the school system. This innovative project is based on a 'bridging course', which centres on the idea that a 'bridge' needs to be built in order to prepare and support out-of-school children both socially and academically until they can enter governmental schools. 

Street Children are present in all 141 Wards of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation and more so in proximity to railway stations and markets. In New Market, where the Project is located, most parents of our children are daily wage earners who are further prone to migration. This prevents establishing any stable roots in the vicinity and a continuous pattern of schooling, making our project even more important.

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