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Keertika is a shelter home for destitute girls with a focus on those who have fallen victim to human trafficking and other forms of violence


25 girls who are now under our full time care

120 indirect beneficiaries

What we do

We provide:

Shelter, food, medical care, counselling, psychological support and lots of VITAL LOVE

Innovative ideas to integrate the girls into a more caring, accepting community through social change

Choosing the project

Girls who are rescued  from trafficking or abuse are not generally accepted back by their families or communities so their lives can become even more painful. We work with our partner NGO HOPE to rebuild the lives of young girls who have witnessed abuse.


Considering the needs of these young girls, the Keertika Protection Home was established with the objective of providing holistic support to rescued and destitute girls so that they can live a life of dignity and become accepted by the community.

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